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The Awesome Alpaca

Alpacas are unique animals that often have a bad reputation as nothing more than a livestock trend or bad investment, but if you understand alpacas and what they offer, these gentle grazers can be a great addition to your farm. But is an alpaca right for you? Continue Reading →

Tips for Pet Proofing Your House

Both dogs and cats can suffer accidents and injuries in and around the home. Here are a few tips that may help keep your pets safe from common household accidents. Continue Reading →

Egg-Cellent Ways to Use Excess Eggs

It can be fun to keep a few chickens, but even a small flock of hens can quickly lay more eggs than you need. No matter how much your hens are laying, however, those eggs don't need to go to waste! Continue Reading →

Stopping Summer Mastitis

Summer mastitis can be a problem not only for dairy farmers, but for anyone with heifers, whether it is a large or small herd for dairy or beef production. Understanding this infection can help you know how to minimize the risk and keep your cows healthy. Continue Reading →

Flea & Tick Prevention

Even if your dog spends very little time outside or your cat never leaves your house, you may still find fleas or ticks on your pet or in your home.  Both of these external parasites can be transported into your house by hitching a ride on someone’s shoes or clothes, and fleas are small enough to enter through a screen door. Continue Reading →

Amazing Summer Lemonades

There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a tall, cool, refreshing glass of lemonade. This drink can be much more than just lemons, sugar and water, however, and there are many delicious ways to add a bit of unique summer taste to classic lemonade. Continue Reading →

Games for Goats

Goats are curious, intelligent creatures, and they can be amazingly inventive when getting into mischief. Unfortunately, that inventiveness can put goats into dangerous situations or lead to damage, injuries or even escape. Continue Reading →

The Perfect Summer Trail Ride

Summer is the ideal season for enjoying trails and giving your horse both exercise and the stimulation of new surroundings. But how do you choose the very best, most enjoyable ride for both you and your horse? Continue Reading →

Vegetable Gardening Tidbits

Are you ready to make the most of your vegetable garden? Try these tips and tidbits for everything from easier weeding to stopping pests to enjoying a hearty harvest! Continue Reading →

Bringing Butterflies to the Backyard

Butterflies are beautiful summer visitors to your yard, and you don’t have to have a large butterfly garden to encourage them to visit. Just a... Continue Reading →

Proper Pig Nutrition

Pigs have a reputation for eating any old slop, but proper nutrition is essential for your hogs, sows and piglets to stay healthy and reach their full growth potential. Whether you are raising pigs for show, slaughter, breeding or just as a fun part of your backyard farm, they need to be eating right. Continue Reading →

Keep Your Chicks Happy and Entertained

Chickens may seem like simple livestock, but they are actually intelligent, curious birds. Keeping your flock entertained can help them stay healthier and happier, making them a more productive part of your farm. Continue Reading →

How Well Do You Know Cattle?

Cattle are one of the most popular and familiar types of livestock, but how well do you really know cattle? These amazing bovine facts may surprise you! Continue Reading →

Tips for Selling a Horse

A horse can be an expensive investment, and if you find yourself in the position to sell one, it can be a challenge to find an appropriate buyer willing to pay a suitable price. Continue Reading →

Does My Pet Really Need to Wear a Collar?

It can take some getting used to for a new pet to wear a collar for the first time. Your pet may scratch at the... Continue Reading →

Creative Plant Markers for Your Garden

Plant markers help keep your garden organized, but they don't have to be drab. It is fun and easy to make every marker just as distinctive as your individual gardening tastes. Continue Reading →

Gardener’s Calendar

Click the headline above to find helpful gardening tips for this season! Continue Reading →


When choosing a perennial to fill an empty space in your garden, make sure to get the most bang from your buck by selecting one, or several, of the long blooming perennials listed below. Continue Reading →

Reinvigorate your Senior Horse

As horses age, they go through several changes that affect their energy level. That doesn’t mean you have to retire your riding buddy just yet! There are things you can do to keep your senior horse fit and happy, and though you may need to take it easier, you can still enjoy riding with your horse. Continue Reading →

Molting Blues

As the daylight hours grow shorter, your chickens will slow or stop their egg laying, and begin to molt. This is a natural process, not... Continue Reading →

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