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Flea & Tick Prevention

Even if your dog spends very little time outside or your cat never leaves your house, you may still find fleas or ticks on your pet or in your home.  Both of these external parasites can be transported into your house by hitching a ride on someone’s shoes or clothes, and fleas are small enough to enter through a screen door.  Just one flea carried into your home can quickly lead to an infestation as they can lay hundreds of eggs in a matter of days.  This can lead to a very unpleasant experience for both you and your pet, as many people, as well as dogs and cats can be allergic to flea bites.

If your pet is allergic to the saliva which fleas inject when biting, it may develop flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) after being bitten.  Your pet may develop irritated, itchy patches of skin over a good portion of its body from the bite of a single flea. FAD is a common condition and can often be difficult to diagnose as you may never actually see the fleas that bite your pet.  This is especially true in cats as their habit of constant grooming often removes any fleas before you find them.

There are many products available to help protect your pet, and you, from the torment of fleas and ticks, and to help keep your home free of these unwanted pests. Year round preventative treatment is recommended by veterinarians, as even in colder climates, both fleas and ticks can survive if the winter is mild.  Year round prevention also protects your pets if they have contact with other pets or might encounter wildlife which may be harboring fleas or ticks.

Be sure to use products that are formulated specifically for your pet, i.e., cat products for cats and dog products for dogs. Cats especially can experience severe reactions to the products used in some dog flea and tick formulations.