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As wildlife habitats are threatened by development, the creation of a bird-friendly environment that provides food, water and shelter is crucial to the existence of our wild bird population. Caring for our feathered-friends is an educational and enjoyable activity for the entire family that brings beauty and song to our lives.

Wild Birds:

  • Control Insects
  • Pollinate Plants
  • Manage Weeds


Wild birds rely on both natural and supplemental food supplies so it is important to consider both when birdscaping. Feeding the birds is most important in the winter when natural food is often scarce. Migratory birds require additional food in the spring and fall and nesting birds will utilize feeders in the summer.

Tip: Consider the wild birds when planning and planting your landscape. Wild birds need buds, berries, fruit, nuts, suet, insects, seed and nectar


Improve your backyard bird habitat by adding water. Birds require a constant supply of clean water for drinking and bathing. This is especially important in late summer, when water is scarce, and in the winter, when it is frequently frozen.


  • Place birdbaths in a protected location
  • Keep bird baths filled at all times
  • Scrub off algae as soon as it is appears
  • Replenish with fresh, clean water every few days
  • Provide water motion for greater attraction
  • Use Mosquito Dunks to safely prevent mosquito larvae in warm weather


It is important to offer safe and comfortable shelter for your wild birds to nurture their young, protect them from predators and shield them from the elements. Planting evergreen trees and shrubs and providing birdhouses, along with roosting boxes and pockets, are all beneficial additions to your birdscape.

Tip: Wild birds and their young require year-round protection from the elements.