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The Awesome Alpaca

Alpacas are unique animals that often have a bad reputation as nothing more than a livestock trend or bad investment, but if you understand alpacas and what they offer, these gentle grazers can be a great addition to your farm. But is an alpaca right for you? Continue Reading →

Games for Goats

Goats are curious, intelligent creatures, and they can be amazingly inventive when getting into mischief. Unfortunately, that inventiveness can put goats into dangerous situations or lead to damage, injuries or even escape. Continue Reading →

Creative Plant Markers for Your Garden

Plant markers help keep your garden organized, but they don't have to be drab. It is fun and easy to make every marker just as distinctive as your individual gardening tastes. Continue Reading →

Involve the Next Generation

Running a hobby farm can be a job that your whole family can share. Teaching your children to help with the chores on your farm not only helps you with your workload, but also teaches the children responsibility. Continue Reading →

Partnering with your Community

As a hobby farmer, you are in a unique position to both help and be helped by your local community. Several national programs are in place to help you do this, but also take some time to find out about statewide or local programs that are designed to benefit local farms and the community. Continue Reading →

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